I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. I enjoy a good professional challenge, I admire the ability to learn at any age and consider loyalty one of my strengths.


   Creativity and

   technology define

   who I am today


At an early age, I began studying Systems Engineering, thanks to an odd talent for mathematics and logic. Two years later, I received the title as a Programmer and Systems Analyst. Already in the eighth semester of studies, and a promising future as an engineer, I discovered theater and my life changed completely.


Years later, I graduated as an actor in the Rajatabla Foundation, (one of the pillars of theater in Venezuela). Besides acting, production in general interested me. I collaborated on set designs, costumes and visual concepts. I wanted to direct, write, produce and act. In the theater I found myself. I met the world (quite literally). I toured in many countries, and in theater I learned that when you are creating nothing is impossible.


It was at that time, when I started designing the graphic identity for the theater in the form of print ads and hand painted billboards, that I found myself studying Graphic Design.


While studying, I started working as a designer and I was trained to teach graphic software. Months later I was teaching at various newspapers nationwide on how to use Apple computers, QuarkXPress, Photoshop and Illustrator to build their daily editions.


I completed my design internship at Editorial Group Report, a financial newspaper. I graduated as a Graphic Designer in Advertising at the same time I was appointed Art Director of the publishing group, which went from producing one daily newspaper to creating three editions, plus two monthly magazines. (In my experience, there is nothing more stressful than closing the edition of a newspaper!)


I visited Miami with a great friend who wanted to venture out. He went back and I stayed. The doors opened in advertising agencies, where I grew as a creative director and was involved in all processes of marketing. I discovered how to work in the Latin American market and began to differentiate between our cultures, I understood how to extend and maximize every budget. An independent business venture (Klever Solutions Group Inc.) kept me involved in theater projects, designing for film, soap operas, amusement parks, clinics, artists and restaurants, among others.


After 15 years and twists and turns in my life in Miami I moved to Toronto, Canada. Now I am in good company and doing what I love to do. Continue growing, and ready for the next adventure!


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