As the Sales and Marketing Director for Olympus Imaging - Latin America, I worked with IMS (Interamerican Marketing Solutions) for support in our marketing efforts in the region. During that time I had the good fortune to discover an exceptional talent in Klever Guerrero whose creativity, empathy and energy ensured the success of every project. When the opportunity arose, I dealt directly with Klever. His easygoing and enthusiastic personality made much easier the task of filling the requests and needs of the different markets and representatives.

It was a pleasure to work with Klever and I am certain that he will bring the same level of professionalism, enthusiasm, talent and vision to all his future projects.

Virginia Ginestra

Sales and Marketing Director

Olympus Latin America





" I had the pleasure of working very closely with Klever in various key projects. He has always listened to what we needed and offered creative solutions, generating impact and results. I consider him an extended part of my team and admire his vision of life. I would highly recommend Klever to any company that would be lucky to engage with him."

Patricia Fuller

VP of Marketing



As the set dresser supervisor for Telemundo Studios, I have overseen the set design of more than a dozen soap operas. The art department has counted on Klever to design and produce everything from newspapers, logos, animation and wall art.


The nature of this industry dictates that changes happen frequently. Recording schedules change at the last minute and this means that everyone involved must be flexible. Klever has consistently proven that he is up for this challenge.  There have been many times that we have contacted Klever late in the evening with an urgent request for the next morning that he has been able to deliver on time. His talent as a graphic designer and willingness to work on tight timelines has made him a valuable asset to our team.

Jose del Pino

Set Dresser Supervisor - Telemundo Studios



I have had the privilege of working with Klever on numerous theatrical productions since 2002. His creativity and graphic talents in the concept and designs of our plays is, in my opinion, unparalleled. Furthermore, beyond his creative talent is his commitment and passion for theatre. From the moment he becomes involved in a project, things flow smoothly. His unfailing dedication to each project ensures that every single piece of marketing (flyers, posters, email blasts, tickets, advertising, etc.) is completed properly and on time.


Thanks to the internet, his recent relocation to Toronto from Miami has not prevented us from continuing our working relationship. I plan to continue using his talents in the future and I am confident that whomever has the good fortune of working with him will be as pleased and satisfied as I have been for the past seven years.


Beatriz Urgelles

Executive Producer - Diverta Entertainment Group



During my years in Venevision International one of my biggest challenges was to introduce Spanish movies into the mainstream markets in the United States.


There were a multitude of factors involved in the inception of this project. Overseeing each was challenging and time consuming. The involvement of Klever, from the marketing perspective, was instrumental to the success of the entire initiative. His dedication, commitment and expertise meant that I had one less thing to worry about and provided more time for me to focus on other areas.


Pamela Diaz de Leon

Spanish Movies Promoter


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